Creative Weddings are our jam at Adeline Farms in Woodland, Washington!

Axes Throwing and S’mores and Cigars..OH MY!!!

Rachael and Brent buried the hatchet (pun intended) here at the farm on the most lovely June afternoon. We have all unlocked a new favorite wedding activity…AXE THROWING!!!!! Did they cut the cake with that axe? YES THEY DID! It was a split moment decision by their wedding planner, Muriel Stanton, to bring the cake out where all the action was and grabbed the ax!

Were we all freaking out about how cool it was? YES WE WERE! Way to show us how to have fun and cut loose Rachael and Brent!

These guys had about 200 guests in attendance and treated them to the savory fare of Mad Hatter for dinner and S’mores from 1927 S’mores company. Not to mention the beautiful cake they cut shortly after dinner, so the S’mores were really like 4th meal.

Of course I can’t forget to mention the Cigar Bar. We used our welcome tent and transformed it into a cool luxury smoking lounge. Rachael took full advantage of the photo op and I cant wait to see the professional shots they got!

Huge congrats to Rachael and Brent, thank you for choosing Adeline Farms, we heart you guys!