Adeline Farms Weddings touch the very heart of your love story! We love to see your love shine!

You know when they say “A picture is worth a thousand words”? I think they were talking about this one. Whoever said that, I have no clue, but I know they said it and it tracks!

The photograph above is such a true depiction of this couple. Funny, endearing, authentic and totally in love! It was honestly so fun to be a part of their day and a true honor to be the host of their union. Please ladies and gentleman, raise your glasses for BILL AND CLARICE!


The whole bridal party and close family was super involved in making this most special occasion feel really close knit and super intimate. They spent the evening after rehearsal and the morning of the wedding creating special decorations and even brought in flowers from their own gardens. Someone even took the time to burn the “words of advice” comments they got and from their engagement party, onto these wooden hearts and place them in this framed photo! Oh, and one of the groomsman brews his own beer and wanted to gift them with the drinks for reception. So Jenny created a space for him to bring in his own 4 keg kegerator and we served all his beer from this super cool custom made kegerator. They offered us a taste test and I must say, spot on, it was so good. There was a blueberry seltzer situation that was just perfect for a hot summer day. DELICIOUS!

Not to mention, what dapper group! Check these guys out!

I mean…C’mon! Who doesn’t want to come to this party?!?!?!?!

All of the guests were so gracious and kind to Adeline Staff. It really felt like we part of the family. So much so, that we gifted this beautiful couple one of our coveted seedlings from Herald. Soon our little baby tree will be ready to be planted in its forever home, and Bill and Clarice will get to carry a piece of the farm with them indefinitely!

But first….Paris! Yes, they left little tree in the very capable hands of a friend and flitted off to their dream honey moon in the most romantic city you can dream of. I’m sure it was everything they hoped for and even more, because true love is the best state of being.


Photo credit to Bri’Anne Elizabeth