A Summer Wedding Success at Adeline Farms

Rachel & Kevin Sittin’ in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!

Okay so maybe they aren’t actually “sitting” in a tree but they are K-I-S-S-I-N-G-ing, tree adjacent so that counts.

Let’s take moment to appreciate the tree while we’re at it… Quite a handsome tree if I do say so myself! I’m just trying to look as good at 40 as Herald does at 600. But I didn’t start using an eye cream until like a year ago, and Herald has been being pampered by Muriel and Jenny for almost a decade now. So, I feel I may be at a disadvantage here.


The day before the ceremony at rehearsal I heard Rachel fervently tell one of her bridesmaids “I just can’t wait to kiss Kevin’s face tomorrow”! That ladies and gentleman may go down in history as top ten cutest things I’ve ever heard.

She kissed her man and hugged her family, making the rounds through the maze of gushing loved ones. Kevin gazed at her with so much love and adoration it could easily bring a tear to the eye.

Even their friends and family were just so full of love for this couple. The best man took his place on the stage and fulfilled all of his duties despite a last minute injury that left him on crutches! (see veeeery first photo at the top)

Oh ya and guess who made this cake??? Rachel’s SISTER MADE THIS CAKE! It’s a beautiful work of art! Payne splashed that floral on there and oh my goodness, BEAUTIFUL!

The little cupcakes too! I’m pretty sure the one with the berry on it was a lemon poppyseed situation with a marionberry and listen- – – – the things i would have done to be a guest at this wedding JUST to try the cupcake are unmentionable .

Also Jenny and I had to pull this cake from the fridge and set up this dessert table. Then Payne and I had to move it from the main dining room to the outdoor catering area after the couples “cutting of the cake” for the regular cutting of the cake for guests. While we pride ourselves on our abilities and professionalism here, I am not going to lie, that cake weighed like 20 lbs and I breathed a sigh of relief when we set it in Its final resting place!

We loved having you and your family and we hope your day was everything you dreamed it would be. Rachel and Kevin, you guys are made for each other, cheers to your love and eternal happiness!

-Adeline Farms


All of this gorgeous floral and design was done by our very own onsite florist and designer Mr. Payne Grams!

These stunning photographs were taken by:

Jolene Williamson https://business.facebook.com/ToutleRiverCreative/