Classes and Meeting Spaces on the Farm!

This was an UnBEElievable Event!

On April 9th 2022 Adeline Farms, along with 29 local Woodlanders, officially BEEcame Mason Bee ambassadors!

When Jenni Guajardo of Wanna-Bee-Homesteading reached out to us as potential hosts of some of her mason bees we were intrigued. As a working farm,event venue and dreamers of fields of in house floral, we take pollination pretty seriously over here! Of course being the creatives and dreamers that we are, we couldn’t just host some bees…we had to make it a whole thing of course! We connected Jenni with our onsite Florist and horticulture specialist Payne Grams and together they created the UnBEElievable Mason Bee Event.

Payne set the stage and beautified our barn,which was no simple task after being closed all winter, into a classroomesque atmosphere. But cooler ’cause there were fancy couches, I told you already we like to make stuff a whole thing! Krissy, our event manager, put the word out on social media. Then Jenni, the expert, took us all on a journey of Mason Bee education. Did you know that Mason Bees don’t sting and are even more efficient than Honey Bees? Or that male Mason Bees only live 2 to 3 weeks and the females 6 weeks? I did not! What’s crazy is they can pollinate around 1600 flowers in one day. So even though they have these short little life spans, they have a major impact on their surroundings. Hmmm…I feel like there is a life lesson in there for sure!

We also learned how to house and care for them. Turns out, once you have an understanding of their life cycles, it’s actually pretty easy! Jenni taught us about nesting, how to harvest the cocoons, how to pick out the queen and much more.

One thing that we thought was really cool, Jenni and her family actually make the bee houses from hand. She told us about her and her husband staying up the night before the event to make just a few more houses, and good thing because she pretty much sold out! She also provided every attendee with 15 of their own hibernating bees to get started, and raffled off a free bee house.

All in all it was a wonderful experience and Adeline Farms as whole feels honored to BEE the host of such a fantastic community event. We are hoping to host another one in the Fall so if you missed the last one stay tuned for info on the next!

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